Recruitment & Placement Consultant

Logos Solutions is counted among one of the leading HR placement and recruitment companies well-known for offering Placement Services for the convenience of the candidates. No wonder from which stream you belong, what interest you have or which path you are going to follow, at Logos Solutions, we give you the opportunity to explore yourself and help to visualize your aim while providing you the means to settle at the position which you always dreamed to achieve. We have been successfully placing candidates to different industries with varied experience. We have good experience of placing interns, fresher, and experience candidates in leading organizations.

Candidate’s Profiles:

• Interns : who seeks for the internship in varies companies.
• Fresher’s : who are having 0-1 year of experience.
• Experienced : who are having more than 1+ experience in their respective fields.

Staffing Solutions

At Logos Solutions, we understand that different clients have different staffing requirements. We are one of the leading HR placement and recruitment companies well-known for offering Staffing Solutions according to the various needs and requirements of the clients. Recruitment requires a lot of time in screening and short listing of candidates as well as resumes. Thus, at Logos Solutions we provide you with good choices in terms of shortlisted candidates for a particular position. We just require a job description and job specification of a particular job and on the basis of which we interview candidates and finally gives a few selected candidates to our clients. We provide effective Staffing Solutions providing the clients with efficient staffs who can work efficiently to make sure the various processes of the organization keeps on running smoothly. Staffing Solutions provided by the clients are highly appreciated by the clients.


• Database of pre-screened candidates
• Saves the time, resources and cost for short listing suitable candidates
• Reduces expenses in scheduling interviews

Employee Payroll - Labour Contractor

• All organization has to do Manpower Planning for its organization. Company has to keep back up of the additional employees in case of emergencies or for the future expansion. Many IT Companies keeps employees on Bench who are working like the12th player (Cricket) for the organization.
• It is quite difficult for the organization to manage such employees and keep them on their own payroll.
• Logos provides Outsourcing Services and also professional services in the supply of competent, quality conscious and dedicated skilled and unskilled Human Resources or bulk employees to suit to the requirements of the Client companies.
• We provide Payroll Management to the Clients who are willing to Outsource their Manpower / Employees. If applicable, we maintain strict records such as ESIC, PF, Profession Tax and Service Tax records of all Contract Employees. Also, we maintain attendance muster and payroll of all the Contract Employees.

We are a reliable company located in Pune, Maharashtra and engaged in providing excellent services related to Employee Payroll Outsourcing. We offer excellent payroll management to the clients who want to get these services outsourced. We work by maintaining ESIC, PF, Profession Tax and Service Tax records for Contract Employees. Our services are very comprehensive! We also allocate PF and ESIC numbers to the employees. The professionals working with us to serve clients are adept at maintaining the attendance muster and payroll of all the Contract Employees. We also cater to the needs of the companies related to bulk employees’ recruitment. Our Outsourcing Services are very impressive and we can provide competent, quality conscious and diligent human capital; both skilled and unskilled immediately. We can also instantly find labor force ready to work on contract basis for the manufacturing unit of your company.


• Easy to manage additional manpower. Best way of employee backup
• Easy to use, allocate, pay, deploy and terminate
• Reduces efforts in maintaining records and legal compliances

Freelancing Employment Provider

Logos Solutions is one of the leading HR placement and recruitment companies in India, well-known for offering services to assist the clients in Manpower Recruitment. We are committed to provide excellent human resource solutions to our clients and to go beyond their expectations. We work with the mission of assisting our clients in defining their human resource needs and to find that suitable solutions essential for their success.

• Many times, situation comes where your organization can not take up any assignment or project. The reason behind this could be the lack of immediate resources, project might be less profitable, less feasible or might be of less importance, etc.
• But as an organization, your company may not be willing to loose the business with that Client or sometimes the rejection for the assignment may harm your future business relations with the same Client.
• In such a tricky situation, Logos Corporate Solution provides alternative facility of availing Freelancing Employment. Wherein, Logos undertakes the projects/ Assignments on behalf of your organization and tries to fulfill the client’s requirement.
• So that you may not want to lose your business and it will increase your customer’s satisfaction, also helps to develop cordial relationship between you and your clients.

Internship & Training Provider

For the different requirement of the clients, we are offering Internships Services at Logos Solutions. We are one of the leading HR placement and recruitment companies well-known for offering reliable Internships Services. Any consultancy can offer you jobs but we also claim internship for you. We have good contacts in each industry. So we can arrange internship in the field where you want to focus in terms of your career. We can guide you to know the recent trend in the industry and what is best suitable for you. For any candidate proper guidance is more important to achieve any target.

Resume Guideline

Our focus is to give satisfactory results to both the candidates and the clients! We work towards maintaining a good and long term relation with our clients and candidates and play a major role in their success. For the betterment and career growth, we provide resume guideline facility to the jobseekers. Once, they get enrolled with us, we properly review their resumes and used to provide them suitable modification according to their faculty and majors We also provide aptitude tests and training on different rounds of interviews to our candidates.