Corporate Income Tax Consultant

There are various processes in an organization that directly or indirectly affect its productivity of the human resource. Logos Solutions is counted among one of the leading HR placement and recruitment companies also well-known for offering world-class services as HR Consultants. By understanding the various processes of an organization, we provide them with effective consultancy and provide solution to rectify the various ineffective processes and bottle necks. With effective Consultancy Services we help the client organizations directly or indirectly increase the productivity of the human resource of the company.
• As a Corporate Consultant, Logos Solutions helps Client Employers to create awareness in their employees regarding these legal dues.
• We also provide guidelines to the employees with individual IT consultation, if requires.
• We also have facility for filling IT Returns on behalf of employees.


• Helps in fulfilling Income Tax compliances
• Important aspect to reduce legal grievances

Training & Welfare Events

Training Programs

We have experts to organize Teambuilding Sessions for the employees of our Clients. We have expert trainers to provide technical, behavioral, corporate trainings to individual or the bulk of team members.

Welfare Events

As one of the leading HR placement and recruitment companies Logos Solution is also well-known for offering Training Programs for the interested Candidates and Clients.
• It is very difficult for the organization to plan different welfare activities each year for their employees. But you need not to worry. Logos Solutions has better plans, events, and activities for your employees. Just rely on us. We will plan out trips, events, teambuilding sessions, indoor- outdoor activities, festival plans, games, etc. according to your requirement.
• We will take care of your employees’ satisfaction and learning experience.
• Logos Solution is well-known for its Creativity, Ideas, Planning and Execution with Lots of Fun and Enjoyment.


• Reduces monotony, repetitions of the activities and maintains healthy environment.
• Creating spontaneity, enthusiasm, and the interest in the employees
• Employee satisfaction ultimately leads to employee retention with the improvement in quality and quantity of work.

Career Counseling & Expert Advice

Career counseling, also often referred to as career guidance / career coaching / career advice is a type of professional counseling given by expert career counselors to people who are seeking career help. A career counselor helps an individual build their career path by relating their strengths to the market reality. A career counselor also advises on what course the student should choose, how they should prepare for entrance and how many years of education one needs to put in, what institutes or colleges are available considering the course choice, the locality / city, economic situation etc while counseling. Logos has a team of professional Counselors who can provide Career counseling, career advice also help candidates to plan their career.

Health Care & Medical Facilities

Logos Solution has come up with the new venture into Health Care and Medical Facilities. Logos Solution has collaborated with the expert Medicare Consultant, Doctors, Psychiatrist, Counselor, Technicians. The Health Care Team of Logos Solutions looks after to the personnel working in the Client Organizations. Logos Solutions organize medical camps in different locations and also for specific client employees. Free check ups and health care facilities will be provided in such camps.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing - Online Marketing & Social Media

This is the age of digital marketing. The first step in marketing is to find out the taste of the market and the lifestyle of people. It is essential to understand how people use the media, which are the virtual world places where they hang out, how effectively various platforms on web work on the decision making of the users, etc. We have a dedicated team to study on the users’ behavior through surveys, interviews, etc. We learn how they shop, how they choose products and services, why they do so, etc. and plan the marketing technique according to the inferences. There are many kinds of digital marketing available: Social Media Marketing– The role of social media is inevitable these days and we are equipped with tools and skills to market over different media like facebook, twitter, TV sites, news platforms, etc.