Logos Corporate Solutions

Logos Corporate Solutions is the leading corporate service provider to the corporate world. Established as a Corporate Income Tax Consultant, Employee Training & Welfare Event Organizer, Career Counselor & Expert Adviser. Also provides Health Care & Medical Facilities.

Income Tax Consultation

 As per the request, we provide Tax consultations to our client and their employees.
 As per Government Obligation, Each employer has to deduct TDS from the Employee’s salary and do the submission of it. But, many employers fail to create awareness into their employees for the Income Tax Return. Due to lack of knowledge and importance, most of the employees fail to file Income Tax Returns.
 As a Corporate Service Provider, Logos Solutions helps Client Employers to create awareness in their employees regarding these legal dues.
 We also provide guidelines to the employees with individual IT consultation, if requires.
 We also have facility for filling IT Returns on behalf of employees.

• Benefits

 Helps in fulfilling Income Tax compliances
 Important aspect to reduce legal grievances

Teambuilding and Employee Welfare Events

 Training is most important factor for employees to achieve growth and development in their career. Logos provides you all types of customized training programs as per your need.
 It is very difficult for the organization to plan different welfare activities each year for their employees.
 But you need not to worry. Logos Solutions has better plans, events, activities for your employees.
 Just rely on us. We will plan out trips, events, teambuilding sessions, indoor- outdoor activities, festival plans, games, etc. according to your requirement.
 We will take care of your employees satisfaction and learning experience.
 Logos Solution is well-known for its Creativity, Ideas, Planning and Execution with Lots of Fun and Enjoyment.
 Planning for teambuilding sessions, trips, welfare events, games, trainings for the employees on behalf of the Client
 We have expert trainers to provide technical, behavioral, corporate trainings to individual or the bulk of team members.

• Benefits

 Reduces monotony, repetitions of the activities and maintains healthy environment.
 Creating spontaneity, enthusiasm, and the interest in the employees
 Employee satisfaction ultimately leads to employee retention with the improvement in quality and quantity of work

Health Care & Medical Facilities

 Planning and organizing Healthcare and Medical Camps/ Checkups, Seminars, Training Sessions for the employees of the Client.

• Benefits

 Reduces risks associated with the health of the employees.
 Increases fitness and efficiency level of the employees.
 Creating awareness about Healthcare among them.
 Provides preventive and curative majors