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Logos Solutions is one of the conglomerate companies in India. Logos solutions has 3 distinct ventures -Logos iTech, Logos Corporate, Logos Job Fair. Our clientele belongs to various industries from small scale to large scales, various domains, technical & non technical backgrounds. We have our Specialized team for the services of Recruitment & Placement, IT Software Development, Training and Development, Income Tax Management, Event Management and Health Care & Medical Facilities Supplier.

Logos Job Fair

The Trinity Towards Resourceful Centroid

Logos iTech

Evolution To Elevate Vendibility

Logos Corporate

Promises Truly Converted Into The Performance


Job Fair

One Place For Employer & Employee

iTech Solutions

Mobile,Web,E-Commerce Applications

Staffing Solutions

Contractual, Mass, Permanent

Employment Provider

Freelancing, Temporary, Permanent

Contractor & C.A

Payroll Management, Income Tax Consultation

Counseling & Advice

Career Counseling, Resume Guideline

Internship Facilitator

Internship & Training Provider

Employee Betterment

Behavioral, Corporate, Technical Training

Health & Welfare Management

Medical Camps & Trips, Events Organizer

Our Performances

Recruitment & Placement


IT Software Development


Internship Facilitator


Event Management


Consultations & Counseling


Why People like us?

The Best You Can Find On The Web

One place for all the services, with guaranteed result. This is the best thing you can find while sitting on your own desk.

We work as a bridge between organization and the candidates. We have built good rapport between our clients and candidates. We also work on deficiencies of candidates and help them to become strongest competitors. We also help to the organization to select best suitable candidate for the vacant post. Hence, our recruitment specialists have been successfully providing quality placements in multiple markets and industries for over a decade.
A dedicated team of professionals work on your account at Logos iTech. We believe in teamwork. With every new day the quest for new skills and knowledge never ends. Forever seeking, experimenting, innovating, learning, moving forward with effort and dedication, shaping the future, and challenging our abilities to create new opportunities, is a never-ending process in our working environment.
Our Corporate Solution has team of Payroll Experts to handle Contract Labours. We also look after the welfare management of the existing employee of our valuable Clients. Income Tax Consultant are expert in Tax management of the employees of our client organizations. We have experts to organize Teambuilding Sessions and Employee Welfare Events on behalf of our Clients. Our Medical experts & Practitioners to organize Health Care & Medical Camps/ Checkups and Seminars for the Human resources of our Clients.

Professional Excellence

We have our Specialized team for the services of Recruitment & Placement, IT Software Development, Training and Development, Income Tax Management, Event Management and Health Care & Medical Facilities Supplier. Our energetic professionals are having a vast experience of working in almost all technologies, industries & spheres of IT.

Extensive Reach

Our teams of qualified, experienced & friendly industry experts with senior consultant from diverse fields invest their rich industry experience & knowledge to beget best suited candidate for our clients. Our in-exhaustive database of suitable candidates for our clients forms the basis of our efficient headhunting & candidate search. We undertake end to end recruitment activities.

Technically Advanced

Our software development tools and products implement Object-Oriented design & programmings are technically advanced. Further, we use the most modern development tools and technologies available on the market today. We are staying on pace with the fast evolving software development capabilities and uses of multimedia and the Internet.


The Internet allows us to communicate with your team as easily as if we were in the next room. All of our project managers you will potentially interact with have strong English language skills thus eliminating language barriers. Our Recruiters are easily available to cater your requirement needs. You can coordinate with them when and where required.


We are custom-build to client specific requirements. We have proven to be able to react quickly and to adjust to any changes or additions thrown at us during the course of a project. Our flexi working hours will eliminate time zone barrier while updating status of your requirements. If in case we are not working officially, we are flexible enough to coordinate with your team and the candidates.

     Loyalty to Clients

We believe in long term relationships and have been serving our clients sincerely since years.

Vision and Mission

The Logos itself means ‘The Word’. Words have special power. The words leave by mouth never come back without results, either positive or negative.Logos Solutions’ vision and mission is to give the word, to the clients and jobseeker and put 100% efforts to make the things happen. Logos Solutions is well known for its promises which are truly converted into the performances.

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If you want to get associated with Logos Solutions, you can send us query on info@logossolutions.co.in. To get connected over telephonic conversation, call on +91-8055919404, 02065609404 or Whatsapp us on +91-8055919404.